New Beginnings and the World Cup Effect

I know I have not posted in quite some time – but i do have a very good reason!!

For one – i have been busily preparing for my successor in the guild committe and was trying to hammer out last minute details so that she can have a smooth transition into her new post.  I am also getting set up on my new post of Newsletter Editor for the guild.  I am rather looking forward to that – I want to add quirky little articles at the end of the magazine so I’m hoping there will be nice entries submitted throughout the year.  I will miss being a workshop convenor but with the new job – time requirements are not the same unfortunately.

Sooooo new job – completely unexpected.  I sit here at the office on a Saturday because of the amount of documentation and work I would like to have completed before I leave next friday.  I was head hunted for my new position and while I was aiming to get into the consulting world within the next five years, I find that I got the opportunity to do it NOW.  I can’t pass it up – the company is small but very personable and just what I’m looking for to take my first steps into the consulting realm.  The figures are also nice so that means i’ll have more to go around for fabric and quilting notions 😉

Another thing that is happening is the WORLD CUP!!!  I am Argentinian – born and raised – and one thing i can say with certainty is that i have NEVER missed a world cup – EVER.  My mother watched it while i was in the womb and i have been a die hard fan since.  Throught the good bad and ugly i support my beloved Albiceleste to the very end.  So every 4 years, I stop the world for 1 month while I watch my team.  The good news this year is that at least i try to stitch a little when i am watching a match.  That is – if Argentina is not playing.  When argentina plays, my nerves are too much on end to not be glued to the tv 🙂

Another thing i managed to accomplish is to get a mini blitz together to get some of us started on our block of the month projects.  Some like me have not started at all and we were already at the end of the season!  So about 8 of us got together and rented the church space and managed to have an incredible day.  I was wrestling with my block too much so unfortunately i only have pictures of my own block.  I was too engrossed to get everyone elses!  One thing for sure is that i will do it again.  I do not like how i ended up with all these seams going all over the place and its waaay too bumpy – i also did not cut the fabric too well because i ended up with a 12″ block instead of a 12.5″ block.  hmmmm i have to take more time to do it.  The fabric combination i liked however so i will stick to it – the good news is that it is from my own stash!!

I really like this combination.  The other thing i’m still struggling with is my fabric selection for the Bargello Class I am taking in August.  I have 23 fabrics picked out so far but i’m not sure if there is enough contrast amongst them to work … <sigh> well i will see if i can catch the teacher at a sit and sew to see if i can get more pointers.

now – back to work!


BOM and free pattern sites

I am an admitted free BOM quilt pattern downloader.  I was ecstatic to find out that Sindy Rodenmeyer started a Halloween Row by Row free BOM download.  I’m just tickled!!!

While searching for another pattern – the ever elusive OH MY GOSH quilt as well as miniature patterns, i discovered THIS

this lady is my new hero – it is a RIDICULOUSLY HUGE url encyclopedia with links to every quilt block i’ve ever heard off.  I could spend HOURS here browsing around – and there is even a BOM for cross stitching!  WHAT??!!!!  that’s amazing!!!

needed to spread the good news!

Bento Box Class results – Baltimore update

I took a class with Judy M at our guild at the end of May and it was a variation on a bento box block using jelly rolls.   Well let me tell ya – lesson learned – READ THE PATTERN!!!  i was chain piecing away when i realized that 72 of my first pieces were pieced WRONG !!!  x_X    I was sooo distraught but luckily Judy and Janice came to my aid and helped me seam rip 72 PIECED blocks!!!

With that out of the way – i began anew and more carefully and finished piecing again 72 blocks when i finally looked up at the pattern and the demo sample and realized that i somehow ended up with the MIRROR IMAGE of the pattern!  ooooh FANTASTIC!  there was no way i was going to rip the seams on this puppy and since i was doing them all the same way i kept on going.  By the end of the class i had 4 out of 7 pieces sown on the blocks and the rest i’ve kept as homework.  I got home and realized the i needed to cut more strips – yet again!  i’ve been working on them about 1 hr at a time so not to get too frustrated and Sunday was when i finally had all my quarter blocks ready and pressed w/ starch – here is the pictures of my fabric selections and work in progress.

Now after cutting the first couple of strips i decided to go for a faster route – hence my pic in which i’m laying 4 stacked strip sets of 3 and then cutting them all at once – that went faster!  Necessity is the mother of all inventions 😀  I am positive that someone already came up with this tip but i had not known it as of yet.

Now on to the baltimore!  I started this Baltimore BOM with my friend Sandra when she saw the pattern in Fat Cat Patterns website.  If you’ve never been there go check it out!  (  She’s got the most beautiful patterns that are FREE to download for your own personal use.  Well Sandra saw the pattern for the Baltimore Bliss and we started to download it and began to work on it last summer.  I can tell ya that out of 12 blocks i’m still on block number one!!!!!

I decided to dust it off and start again during the guild meetings.  Since my time as a workshop convenor is coming to an end, i now have more time for handwork during the session.  I have my whole kit packed away with precut pieces, freezer paper, colored threads, fray check, the whole kit and caboodle in a little travel make up case.  Its easier now to just pick it up and go to a doctor’s appointment.  I managed to sow 2 more pieces that week – this is what it looks like so far.

I finished one more petal after that – only problem is that there are 20 more pieces in this block!!!  EGAD!!   Nice and steady though and we’ll have this done some point in the future.

Yesterday I also spent another 2 hrs logging my books in the online database.  It is very soothing.  I managed to do another 1.5 shelves and logged 120 books.  I still have a TON to go though.  But little by little 🙂  If you have not checked it out yet –

I didn’t get any gardening done this weekend due to the weather but i MUST tackle some of it today – i have the never ending raspberry bush sapplings that cannot seem to be DONE – i pulled that bush months ago and still i’m finding roots!!

 Well i’m off – got a busy day up ahead and WORLD CUP is in 4 days!!!!

Backposting and Catch up Part II

Part I was mostly what was being done in April – now we begin with the end of april and attendance at SewFestWest 2010 – we did a road trip with mom and 2 quilting friends and stayed in Kitchener as I was helping out during the show – the show was fantastic and I had a lot of fun working the front door – i also got paid in quilting thread and notions and i was soooo happy!!!  I will update this post later on with pictures of my ‘loot’.

After the show – the girls and i went to St. Jacobs – it was the first time that mom and I had gone so of course i had to take pics of the little town and some of the quilts on display that i enjoyed.  Here are the pics from that portion of the show.

Just a loveley little town.  The next item on the list is mother’s day.  I got my mom a gorgeous Rhododendron plant in this beautiful deep purple blossom.  She adored it.  My friend M gave me this for mother’s day



 I was surprised!  I said “But i am not a mother!” and she said “But you are the Godmother of my kids” aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!  How sweet was that?!!!??  it made me smile the rest of the day 😀

backposting and catch up part I

So i’ve been sooo busy that i have neglected the blog – sorry all!!  first things first – backposting to bring you all up to speed

while bargain hunting at a local thrift shop with my mom, she spotted a vintage tapestry frame for 10 bucks!!  of course  i picked it up and put my cross stitch blanket on it  – boy do i love it – now when i am actually infront of the tv my hands are freed to do my cross stitching and i actually can stitch for a much longer period of time – i’ve been able to finish all the teal colorwork and i’m now moved on to the light blues – why do you ask?  because i am stitching with one color at a time – the biggest skein and working my way down until the entire color is finished accross the baby quilt.  here is a pic of the current set up

baby quilt xstitch on frame

Then at the end of April I attended a party given by good friends – she’s my seamstress bud and he is a kendo bud – well he is also a killer bar tender and makes the most exotic mixed drink – he made 3 main cocktails at this party – Agent Orange, Killer Punch and my absolute new fave – Zen Cucumber – this drink was DELISH!!  and of course i HAD to take pics of this … sooo yummy!!

Zen Cucumber Cocktail

garnish closeup

 Nikki also made this INSANELY good black bean avocado and cilantro dip that i could NOT stop eating – she will send me the recipe soon so hopefully i can have pics by then … time to write part II

60K walk for the cure update!

Ok so both my training and my fundraising are a bit stalled – april is SUCH a busy month!  it is absolutely ridiculous how busy i am – its worse than the fall!

So I started my fundraising with a basket of quilting items and supplies and began a raffle at my local quilting guild.  I stuffed it with a ton of fat quarters, books, notions and even a pink martini glass – i’m selling the tx for $5.00 each or 5 for $25.  The sales have been steady but it is my hope to raise a minimum of 300 with it.  I need to collect 2000 by September 1st!  GAH!!!

the nicest thing then happened out of the blue – Elaine T gives me a donation – and oh my gosh here is my second wind!!!  YEAY!!!  there are more and more walkers now in Brampton and we are starting to get organized – i really needed the second wind too – i have been focused on spring cleaning, landing a new job and house reorg that i didn’t even hit the gym – need to get back to it all asap!!!

Met Gala Rant x_x

okaley dokaley – so i’m indulging in one of my favorite prozac activities – coffee and the gossip blogs – i’m looking at to see the gowns worn last nite at the famous Met gala for some fashion or other event – i’m thinking GREAT bring on the avant guarde gowns !!

so here i am passing one picture after another and BLEGH! barf!!  what are the designers THINKING??!!!  everyone is wearing these 20’s 30’s BURLAP bags with very little styling or almost NO embellishments and oh my goodness can they find more UNFLATTERING shades for these actresses??? half of them could be poster children for eating disorder campaings yet the find the ONE shade and make up design that makes them look even more .. . ill

out of 44 yes you read right 44 gowns i liked 3 – THREE!!  Jennifer Lopez’ Zuhair Murad haute couture which was just amazingly gorgeous – that intricate beading and tulle and those vintage feathers just stunning!  then there was Anne Hathaway with this lovely nude valentino that just made her chic and elegant; and the other one was the one that curvacious goddess christina hendricks wore – a blue L’Wren Scott gown that just hugged her right and that girl is WORKING it!!  total diva – the rest .. yuck!  since when do you have to look like a washed out tramp and call that haute couture???  and oscar de la renta who is usually impecable made oprah look like she belonged at the top of a cake!  Hell she LOOKED as big as a float!  i mean it may not be her trimmest period right now but Halston made Queen Latifah look like a goddess when she was nominated for an Oscar.

I’m all for avant guard but Tina Fey – a pantsuit? with a zipper AND a bow???? and SJP wearing this disco ensemble that made her look starved and her age and Eva Mendes!  Good lawd almighty she look like she took my grandmother’s shawl and wrapped it around herself with pins.  Those gowns looked like there was minimal construction too them – where is the design???? 

~shaking my head~ i’m glad i can’t fit into designer gowns – my usual favorite fashion awards just made me hurl ….

Backposting!!! Interguild Spring 2010

Well finally getting around to posting pics from the wonderful Interguild 2010 in Alliston ON.  Let me tell ya the ladies put on a great meeting!!  S and I left with so many ideas and strategies to improve our guild and wonderful new contacts and friends 🙂  In our swag bag we had these two gorgeous lil items – i MUST make these for my friends as well 😀

Needle case

inside of Needle Case

Needless to say this went in my sewing case IMMEDIATELY!  it was so cute and pretty and i just HAD to have it ready to go right away.  Another amazing little item is this very clever threadcatcher that is made from scrapbooking paper and it is a GREEN initiative.  Not only reusable but it folds down FLAT and can be tucked away in your sewing kit for workshops and blitzes! 

folded thread catcher


After the guild meeting we all literally ran out of there and were on our way to the local quiltshops on the way home.  We visited two – Lilac Lane which had this lovely little pattern that was PERFECT for what i was looking for a friend 

My friend adores dragonflies an this was the perfect shape i liked.  she will get that made with this fabric as she also loves the color red 


I was planning to do this for her house party on april but i just had no time!   The fabric i picked up at the LOVELY country concessions quiltshop in cookstown ON.  I fell in love with this little shop!  which by the by is NOT little!  they have the best fabric selection that i have seen thus far under one roof and great prices on notions and books!  I also found this GORGEOUS fat quarters!



 I just LOVED these!  It got me thinking of a new quilting idea – all locations i was able to visit thus far in the world!  The france fat quarter had all the places i was fortunate to visit while i was in Paris and well the Italy one – wishful thinking!  I have not been to italy yet but it is on the radar for 2012 as i will be attending the KendoWorldChampionships near Turin.  No i will not be participating, just going along to support Team Canada! It also helps that i have family in Torino and if all goes well I will be touring around there a wee bit 🙂  SO that goes on my idea bin – i will keep on scouring the fabric shops for similar fabrics for Japan, Turkey, Spain, Greece, England, Argentina and Australia.  With the exception of Australia I’ve visited all but Melbourne is definitely on my hit list 😀

thats all for now folks – i’m still trying to unpack from SewFestWest which was AMAZING, and sorting the pics from St.Jacobs trip.  chat soon!


Sorry folks but i am up to my eyebrows in work – how droll 😦

Been spring cleaning the home trying to organize my sewing area, running around trying to finalize things for the Guild before handing the post over to my successor.

Then there is the car trouble, the dog has cherry eye and I’m off to sewfest this weekend.   I truly truly need 48hrs in a day!

So far the only thing i’ve been able to creatively was to work on the baby stamped cross stitch – i will desperately try to provide updates tonite.

until then i will continue to live vicariously through you all and  your crafting endeavors!

Argentina Part 2

One thing I have forgotten to post previously was my return trip from Argentina.  The return from Buenos Aires was rather … interesting.

For one there were three flights to the US leaving withing 10 minutes of one another.  Customs through BS AS was ridiculously long and I barely made to my gate by the time my flight started boarding.  Then as soon as I line up there is  an announcement over the PA  that they overbooked my flight to New York and would someone be willing to give up their seat in exchange for a business class seat to Miami.  I ran to the counter of course!

My trip down to BS AS in an economy class seast and it was not the most comfortable flight of all.  I was thrilled that at least in a business class seat i would have more leg room.  It did mean an additional 5 hr layover in miami but i would just deal.

Imagine my surprise when i found that i infact got a POD in buisness class and was greeted with Champagne!!!

a different kind of wine cart - with full bottles!!

the settings for my pod chair - it goes flat so i could sleep!!!

I was sooo exited about  being able to lie down on my pod thank goodness!!!  i actually got a proper rest and made my return to toronto more bearable.

Another nice item was REAL cutlery!  i was so surprised that there was an actual meal and proper dishes it felt like a total retreat 🙂  I know that it is not always affordable but any flights that are more than 8 hours are significantly improved if flying via business class.

food for thought 🙂

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