Met Gala Rant x_x

okaley dokaley – so i’m indulging in one of my favorite prozac activities – coffee and the gossip blogs – i’m looking at to see the gowns worn last nite at the famous Met gala for some fashion or other event – i’m thinking GREAT bring on the avant guarde gowns !!

so here i am passing one picture after another and BLEGH! barf!!  what are the designers THINKING??!!!  everyone is wearing these 20’s 30’s BURLAP bags with very little styling or almost NO embellishments and oh my goodness can they find more UNFLATTERING shades for these actresses??? half of them could be poster children for eating disorder campaings yet the find the ONE shade and make up design that makes them look even more .. . ill

out of 44 yes you read right 44 gowns i liked 3 – THREE!!  Jennifer Lopez’ Zuhair Murad haute couture which was just amazingly gorgeous – that intricate beading and tulle and those vintage feathers just stunning!  then there was Anne Hathaway with this lovely nude valentino that just made her chic and elegant; and the other one was the one that curvacious goddess christina hendricks wore – a blue L’Wren Scott gown that just hugged her right and that girl is WORKING it!!  total diva – the rest .. yuck!  since when do you have to look like a washed out tramp and call that haute couture???  and oscar de la renta who is usually impecable made oprah look like she belonged at the top of a cake!  Hell she LOOKED as big as a float!  i mean it may not be her trimmest period right now but Halston made Queen Latifah look like a goddess when she was nominated for an Oscar.

I’m all for avant guard but Tina Fey – a pantsuit? with a zipper AND a bow???? and SJP wearing this disco ensemble that made her look starved and her age and Eva Mendes!  Good lawd almighty she look like she took my grandmother’s shawl and wrapped it around herself with pins.  Those gowns looked like there was minimal construction too them – where is the design???? 

~shaking my head~ i’m glad i can’t fit into designer gowns – my usual favorite fashion awards just made me hurl ….


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