Backposting!!! Interguild Spring 2010

Well finally getting around to posting pics from the wonderful Interguild 2010 in Alliston ON.  Let me tell ya the ladies put on a great meeting!!  S and I left with so many ideas and strategies to improve our guild and wonderful new contacts and friends 🙂  In our swag bag we had these two gorgeous lil items – i MUST make these for my friends as well 😀

Needle case

inside of Needle Case

Needless to say this went in my sewing case IMMEDIATELY!  it was so cute and pretty and i just HAD to have it ready to go right away.  Another amazing little item is this very clever threadcatcher that is made from scrapbooking paper and it is a GREEN initiative.  Not only reusable but it folds down FLAT and can be tucked away in your sewing kit for workshops and blitzes! 

folded thread catcher


After the guild meeting we all literally ran out of there and were on our way to the local quiltshops on the way home.  We visited two – Lilac Lane which had this lovely little pattern that was PERFECT for what i was looking for a friend 

My friend adores dragonflies an this was the perfect shape i liked.  she will get that made with this fabric as she also loves the color red 


I was planning to do this for her house party on april but i just had no time!   The fabric i picked up at the LOVELY country concessions quiltshop in cookstown ON.  I fell in love with this little shop!  which by the by is NOT little!  they have the best fabric selection that i have seen thus far under one roof and great prices on notions and books!  I also found this GORGEOUS fat quarters!



 I just LOVED these!  It got me thinking of a new quilting idea – all locations i was able to visit thus far in the world!  The france fat quarter had all the places i was fortunate to visit while i was in Paris and well the Italy one – wishful thinking!  I have not been to italy yet but it is on the radar for 2012 as i will be attending the KendoWorldChampionships near Turin.  No i will not be participating, just going along to support Team Canada! It also helps that i have family in Torino and if all goes well I will be touring around there a wee bit 🙂  SO that goes on my idea bin – i will keep on scouring the fabric shops for similar fabrics for Japan, Turkey, Spain, Greece, England, Argentina and Australia.  With the exception of Australia I’ve visited all but Melbourne is definitely on my hit list 😀

thats all for now folks – i’m still trying to unpack from SewFestWest which was AMAZING, and sorting the pics from St.Jacobs trip.  chat soon!


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