60K walk for the cure update!

Ok so both my training and my fundraising are a bit stalled – april is SUCH a busy month!  it is absolutely ridiculous how busy i am – its worse than the fall!

So I started my fundraising with a basket of quilting items and supplies and began a raffle at my local quilting guild.  I stuffed it with a ton of fat quarters, books, notions and even a pink martini glass – i’m selling the tx for $5.00 each or 5 for $25.  The sales have been steady but it is my hope to raise a minimum of 300 with it.  I need to collect 2000 by September 1st!  GAH!!!

the nicest thing then happened out of the blue – Elaine T gives me a donation – and oh my gosh here is my second wind!!!  YEAY!!!  there are more and more walkers now in Brampton and we are starting to get organized – i really needed the second wind too – i have been focused on spring cleaning, landing a new job and house reorg that i didn’t even hit the gym – need to get back to it all asap!!!


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