Bento Box Class results – Baltimore update

I took a class with Judy M at our guild at the end of May and it was a variation on a bento box block using jelly rolls.   Well let me tell ya – lesson learned – READ THE PATTERN!!!  i was chain piecing away when i realized that 72 of my first pieces were pieced WRONG !!!  x_X    I was sooo distraught but luckily Judy and Janice came to my aid and helped me seam rip 72 PIECED blocks!!!

With that out of the way – i began anew and more carefully and finished piecing again 72 blocks when i finally looked up at the pattern and the demo sample and realized that i somehow ended up with the MIRROR IMAGE of the pattern!  ooooh FANTASTIC!  there was no way i was going to rip the seams on this puppy and since i was doing them all the same way i kept on going.  By the end of the class i had 4 out of 7 pieces sown on the blocks and the rest i’ve kept as homework.  I got home and realized the i needed to cut more strips – yet again!  i’ve been working on them about 1 hr at a time so not to get too frustrated and Sunday was when i finally had all my quarter blocks ready and pressed w/ starch – here is the pictures of my fabric selections and work in progress.

Now after cutting the first couple of strips i decided to go for a faster route – hence my pic in which i’m laying 4 stacked strip sets of 3 and then cutting them all at once – that went faster!  Necessity is the mother of all inventions 😀  I am positive that someone already came up with this tip but i had not known it as of yet.

Now on to the baltimore!  I started this Baltimore BOM with my friend Sandra when she saw the pattern in Fat Cat Patterns website.  If you’ve never been there go check it out!  (  She’s got the most beautiful patterns that are FREE to download for your own personal use.  Well Sandra saw the pattern for the Baltimore Bliss and we started to download it and began to work on it last summer.  I can tell ya that out of 12 blocks i’m still on block number one!!!!!

I decided to dust it off and start again during the guild meetings.  Since my time as a workshop convenor is coming to an end, i now have more time for handwork during the session.  I have my whole kit packed away with precut pieces, freezer paper, colored threads, fray check, the whole kit and caboodle in a little travel make up case.  Its easier now to just pick it up and go to a doctor’s appointment.  I managed to sow 2 more pieces that week – this is what it looks like so far.

I finished one more petal after that – only problem is that there are 20 more pieces in this block!!!  EGAD!!   Nice and steady though and we’ll have this done some point in the future.

Yesterday I also spent another 2 hrs logging my books in the online database.  It is very soothing.  I managed to do another 1.5 shelves and logged 120 books.  I still have a TON to go though.  But little by little 🙂  If you have not checked it out yet –

I didn’t get any gardening done this weekend due to the weather but i MUST tackle some of it today – i have the never ending raspberry bush sapplings that cannot seem to be DONE – i pulled that bush months ago and still i’m finding roots!!

 Well i’m off – got a busy day up ahead and WORLD CUP is in 4 days!!!!


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  1. Hey c’mon… what is the full URL to your Gurulib page? I tried searching under craftyurbandiva, but no luck. Mine is . I want to see your library!

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