backposting and catch up part I

So i’ve been sooo busy that i have neglected the blog – sorry all!!  first things first – backposting to bring you all up to speed

while bargain hunting at a local thrift shop with my mom, she spotted a vintage tapestry frame for 10 bucks!!  of course  i picked it up and put my cross stitch blanket on it  – boy do i love it – now when i am actually infront of the tv my hands are freed to do my cross stitching and i actually can stitch for a much longer period of time – i’ve been able to finish all the teal colorwork and i’m now moved on to the light blues – why do you ask?  because i am stitching with one color at a time – the biggest skein and working my way down until the entire color is finished accross the baby quilt.  here is a pic of the current set up

baby quilt xstitch on frame

Then at the end of April I attended a party given by good friends – she’s my seamstress bud and he is a kendo bud – well he is also a killer bar tender and makes the most exotic mixed drink – he made 3 main cocktails at this party – Agent Orange, Killer Punch and my absolute new fave – Zen Cucumber – this drink was DELISH!!  and of course i HAD to take pics of this … sooo yummy!!

Zen Cucumber Cocktail

garnish closeup

 Nikki also made this INSANELY good black bean avocado and cilantro dip that i could NOT stop eating – she will send me the recipe soon so hopefully i can have pics by then … time to write part II


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