Backposting and Catch up Part II

Part I was mostly what was being done in April – now we begin with the end of april and attendance at SewFestWest 2010 – we did a road trip with mom and 2 quilting friends and stayed in Kitchener as I was helping out during the show – the show was fantastic and I had a lot of fun working the front door – i also got paid in quilting thread and notions and i was soooo happy!!!  I will update this post later on with pictures of my ‘loot’.

After the show – the girls and i went to St. Jacobs – it was the first time that mom and I had gone so of course i had to take pics of the little town and some of the quilts on display that i enjoyed.  Here are the pics from that portion of the show.

Just a loveley little town.  The next item on the list is mother’s day.  I got my mom a gorgeous Rhododendron plant in this beautiful deep purple blossom.  She adored it.  My friend M gave me this for mother’s day



 I was surprised!  I said “But i am not a mother!” and she said “But you are the Godmother of my kids” aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!  How sweet was that?!!!??  it made me smile the rest of the day 😀


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