Argentina Part 2

One thing I have forgotten to post previously was my return trip from Argentina.  The return from Buenos Aires was rather … interesting.

For one there were three flights to the US leaving withing 10 minutes of one another.  Customs through BS AS was ridiculously long and I barely made to my gate by the time my flight started boarding.  Then as soon as I line up there is  an announcement over the PA  that they overbooked my flight to New York and would someone be willing to give up their seat in exchange for a business class seat to Miami.  I ran to the counter of course!

My trip down to BS AS in an economy class seast and it was not the most comfortable flight of all.  I was thrilled that at least in a business class seat i would have more leg room.  It did mean an additional 5 hr layover in miami but i would just deal.

Imagine my surprise when i found that i infact got a POD in buisness class and was greeted with Champagne!!!

a different kind of wine cart - with full bottles!!

the settings for my pod chair - it goes flat so i could sleep!!!

I was sooo exited about  being able to lie down on my pod thank goodness!!!  i actually got a proper rest and made my return to toronto more bearable.

Another nice item was REAL cutlery!  i was so surprised that there was an actual meal and proper dishes it felt like a total retreat 🙂  I know that it is not always affordable but any flights that are more than 8 hours are significantly improved if flying via business class.

food for thought 🙂


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