Etobicoke Quilt Show

As promised here are the pics of some of the work that struck my eye while attending the EQS show in March.  So many wonderful things to see but I wanted to highlight a few just so I do not run out of space in my pics storage 🙂

I loved the cow and zebra quilts were some of my favorites from the show.  These were done by Judy M. and she is fantastic as usual.

I also adored the quilt that had doilies and cross stitch pieces.  As a cross stitcher myself this gave me additional ideas.



Hang on to your coffee mugs girls …

I am catching up on my postings today while watching black adder and sorting my camera pictures so get comfy because there are a couple of posts coming your way. 

I will break them down by category that way it is one one whole page of posts all atop one another.

stay tuned


you know what they say about reds??

Happy Easter y’all! 

My easter weekend was PACKED – went out of town to visit friends that had a bday party for the lilest one 🙂  She loved the pilowcases i made with the tesselating pinwheel technique.  I got the loveliest compliment from my friend – she said it looked storebought and her grandmother visiting from japan was happily busy examining the seams and trying to figure out how it was put together.  ^_^ 

I tried to do this lollypop candy thing from wilton – here are the results … 

lollypop attempt


The other thing J and i were trying to do is the cake – well let me tell ya – i messed up the instructions for the icing!!!  GAH!!!  a whole box of icing and i made it runny – i could have cried!!  that’s ok cuz J is like the bestest friend EVER and we came up with the idea of  adding additional decorations and colored sugars.  This is the end result – which actually everyone else loved!! 



So now onto the title of the blog thread – this weekend i continued with the washing of all my cotton fabric – i am deadset to finish it all 🙂  Its all part of my spring cleaning list!!! 

So here is what i did – reds and pinks and burgundys – this guy ended up in that pile and when i pulled it out of the pile this is what happened!!! 

what happens to reds


 It was all cream colored and now its pink and burgundy!!  OMG!!!  i could have cried!!!  But lesson learned – reds and reds only!! 

On a final note – dad brought this for mom for easter – it is the most AMAZING ‘egg’ since it looks just like our own dogs!!! 

the best easter egg EVER

a most productive weekend

well color me happy i got stuff DONE this weekend.  First things first – the guild workshop was this sat and of course yours dearly needed to host – the girls were SO amazing in all their work done!  however the workshop was way to full and i ended up not being able to take it. 

i used the opportunity instead to work on my own project – the tesselating pinwheel placemat that i need to finish for this upcoming weekend. 

well i ended up finishing the one i had already started and the second one! 

with borders




the only problem now is that it ended up being too big for a placemat!!!  new plan then – decided to turn them into pillows.  But it is a bit too small for a standard pillow – GAH!!!  that’s ok stubborness succeeds!  i am now going to make them into small cushions! 

Now on a side note – i tried for the first time Elaine’s ender/starter tip.  I had all my squares cut and drawn for the next quilt project – flowers in the park (previous post with fabric cuts) so i decided to use them as enders/starters when i was working on the cushion cases.  




 it worked like a charm!!  i got all my half square triangles sown as i was working on my other project and i felt enourmously productive.  here was the end result 

half square triangles after squaring off and pressing


i highly recomend this technique – now i look at all my other projects looking for another starter/ender bit – i dug this up: 

individual block from workshop


block version


second block version


Now these are from a workshop i did ages ago with Cathy W. something about fun with triangles.  This was one of my first classes in which i very quickly learned that you should not mix cotton with non cotton fabrics!  needless to say they stayed in my UFO collection for years so i’m digging them up!  i will probably turn them into placemats and donate them to our community projects meals on wheels program. 

it felt great to get so much done.  I am almost done the pillow cases.  this is how they currently stand in my sewing area waiting to get finished tonite. 

awaiting completion

 well off to do errands for now – more to post as i’ve also attended the etobicoke guild quilt show on sunday!

Fish, Cross Stitch and new addictions!

OMG how many days went by with no postings??!!  so much for my goal to post almost daily 😦

on a good note i cannot bypass the opportunity to brag about lunch with my office pod-mates – we decided to head out on a rainy day and have fish and chips- something i rarely have – ever!  So we all head out to the local fish and chips joint – a true brittish place and here is my gorgeous plate!

No ma, i didn’t eat all the fries!  The fish however was a gonner! Okay .. moving on to other updates – things for a change are BANANAS on my end!  Very busy organizing my fundraisers for the walk for the cure that i am doing in september.  My first fundaising event – a quilter’s basket – is almost all set to go – currently printing the tickets and trying fo figure out formating o_O

on to my cross stitch – although i have not had a chance to really work on it – i did get a couple of good sessions in and here is the updated look

Although you may not be able to tell, i did the back stitching on the peaks and all those little crosses at the top – the frustrating part is that it does not look like i did much yet it took me FOREVER to do that little bit.  Still we are in T-5 months so i better get a move on if  i am to get this done before the second lil one arrives

Ok now onto a new craft addiction.  I was at Michael’s the other day and got thinking about my friend’s lil one’s first party.  She will be turning 3 this year so its a big deal.  So i was in the wilton aisle and thought that maybe i could do a cake instead of buying one and save me some mula.  Well now that was a thought because next thing i know i’m in uncharted wilton cake decorating heaven!  Turns out that the wilton decorating classes are half price this month at michaels so i signed up for the first course!  Then i noticed all the clearance items that were on display and loaded up on the following – look at my loot!

Like i needed a new craft to collect!!  But i’m totally stoked!  there are so many birthdays coming up so this should be a blast!!  i love the little cookie cutters!!

Alrighty now back to work.  I have much to still plan for the fundraising for the 60KM walk, then there is interguild to coordinate, sewfest,  easter weekend and club fundraisers for kendo – GAH i need to clone myself!!

seriously – i do 🙂

Training update – Fundraising starts!

Yeay my first donations have come through – thank goodness!  wonderful people who belive in the cause and are willing to support my walking 60KM!!!

Training days 2 and 3 completed – yeay – walked 4K and then 3 k back to back.  Saw my personal trainer Kevin yesterday for my first session in ages – I can hardly sit!!!  Money well spent 🙂

Went to my orientation session yesterday for the weekend walk and walked out with more confirmation that i am taking part in the right event!  My friend K came along and she might walk too – yippee!

Found out about about one of my fundraising ideas but i am still putting that in place – need to finish putting together the raffle baskets and send my facebook letters – gah!  but soo exiting!

as for my cross stitch project – well … between hitting the gym and welcoming my friend from Japan – egad!  I got three stitches in only!  That’s ok – my goal is to finish the quilting of the placemats tomorrow and my table runner binding so I can cross those off the list.  I shall and will ladies!!

Ok back to work – tomorrow is another 3KM walk and then hitting the steam sauna.  then home for house cleaning and quilting that needs to be done stat!

Training Day 1 – Success!!! Walking for the Cure goal – 60KM!

and we are on our way!!!  Yesterday was the first day of my 24 week training plan to prepare for the 60KM walk for the Cure taking place on Sept 11-12 2010.  The special part of this walk is that i will be walking on my birthday Sept 12 and i can’ t think of a better way to spend the day!

i did the entire 3KM and a wee bit more – YEAY – i’m sore today but i guess its only until i get used to it.  However I can’t complain – as tough as training may be its NOTHING compared to what my friends, mom, relatives are going through/have gone through in treatment and they keep on fighting and smiling.  These people inspire the HECK out of me so no matter how tough i think it may be i know that i’m healthy and blessed to have my mom and my health.

If you have not heard about the event – check – if you would like to help me reach my fundraising goal click on the sidebar link and donate to my walking for the Cure!!!

Catching up!

OMG has it really been 5 days since i posted??!!! o_O EGAD!!!

But i have a good excuse – things have been absolute mayhem in the last couple of days since sis and nephew flew back to AB yesterday in the am we were rushing to finish things up and get everything ready.   However I did manager to acomplish a couple of things:

  • FINALLY started scrapbooking again – like one teacher said in a quilting class – you just have to go for it and get started!  Looking at years’ worth of collecting scrapbooking items i was overwhelmed by the choices until I just dove in!  Did one page with the little nephew and forgot to take a pic – I will update this posting later with one.
  • Did some fabric shopping with sis – got some great meters of cottons that i still have to wash! but hey i have more to wash in the stash so all good!
  • Started spring cleaning my bedroom – major decluttering!!!  took everything that either didn’t fit right or had not been worn in a while and put it in a big ol’ box.  Down to the basement it goes!  Summer clothes went in under-bed storage bins so i’m set to go once the heat arives.
  • Finished unpacking from my trip!!!  Thank goodness because with the little tike everything was a mess.

So now i’m focusing on getting the house back to ‘normal’ and starting some of the spring cleaning we need to do.  I’m also rearing to finish my tesselating wheel placemats so i have something for show and tell this guild meeting!  I am also starting the “aim to stitch every day”  baby quilt – i NEED to finish this asap!

I’m also aiming to stop the arm long posts so i’m breaking this one here and starting the next on which is VERY important and dear to me – the walk for the cure!

Be right back!

Scrapbooking Adventures

Well it turns out that although I had a rather ambitious night planned yesterday i did not get as much done as i wanted – For one, i was supposed to leave work at 3pm so my sister and i could head out earlier – well turns out that things got hectic and i did not leave until 4 and we did not head out for shopping until 5.

We got a chance to stop by Brampton Sew ‘n Serge in which i cannot seem to leave without getting some fabric.  I was in there for thread!  I walked out with that plus 3 meters of this loveley neutral – no pics though 😦  Then it was off to Michael’s with our 40% off coupons to search for the album covers for my nephew’s scrapbook.  Well of course i walked out with more than what i wanted – but it was for a good reason!  I found a lovely month write/erase board and a half whiteboard half cork memmo board framed in dark wood for a really good price.  this fits into my room decor perfectly and i cannot live without either one of those!

We did find the album covers we wanted as well as the Cuttlebug templates that were being clearanced off – 2.99 when originally they were 9.99.  I suspect that this is to make room for the new line that has been released in the US last year – good thing i already got those on ebay!  Still a really good steal. 

When walking ot the car i found my trunk open – my nephew playing with my car keys figured out how to open the trunk – he’s sooo smart!  Then it was home to finish the ironing.  I got it all done – YEAY NEW IRON!!!

Sis and i got all my scrapbooking stuff to the living room so that sis and i can sift through it all – however no scrapbooking started as of yet – today is the big day!  That is if i can get home on time from work this time around …

i’ll post more pics tomorrow of what we get done today!  (i hope that is 🙂

New Loves and the Family that quilts together …..

Before I forget I must post on my new crush!  Last week I went to pick up a coffee on payday (one of my indulging treats) at Second Cup close to home – i was looking for a new tumbler when i saw this!

Bodum Travel Press

Yes its a Bodum Travel Press – meaning that now I have my freshly brewed coffee in a tumbler that keeps it warm up to two hours – yipee!!!  Worth the money i spent since i am no longer spending 2 bucks a cup in the caffeteria flavored coffee!!!  Totally worth it since it practically already paid for itself!

On other news – this past Saturday we had the guild workshop on Tesselating Pinwheels.  Since my sister was in town, we left the baby with my father and brother and mom, sis and I went to take this workshop.  Boy was it fun!!!  Rosemary is a wonderful teacher and showed us Chenille.  Did you ever make Chenille?  Super fun but it pains me to use all that fabric to make one square of Chenille … I’m not there yet but I certainly see the applications!

K back to the Pinwheels – I decided that i was going to use a charm pack that i won at an ebay auction and make a set of placemats for my friend June’s two little girls.  One of them is having a bday real soon so this would be perfect!

Here is my original layout (step 1) and then step 2 completed with the borders.

The tesselation portion was challenging i will admit – I could have sworn i burned neurons trying to figure out the layout of this thing.  Of course since i was stubborn to only use 3 types of fabric plus the border instead of 12 – it was hairy to match the pinwheels!  however we got the job done so this is what it looked like after the tesselation and cutting!

I finshed piecing all of this but decided i wanted a different border.  Once I finished that i will post more pics!

Now for the second new found love of my life!  During the workshop Rosemary mentioned that there was an iron that was on sale at CdnTire.  Since i decided that 2 hrs to press 3 m of fabric was too much for the ol’ one – i took mom to take a peek yesterday. 

And we came home with this – original price $100 down to $40!

the mighty shark!

and OMG was it worth the money!!  With ONE tank of water i did 15 metres of fabric!!!  I finally was able to get into the stash of  ‘freshly’ laundered fabric that i had sitting there for over a month!  I did more than half of the stash yesterday and will finish the rest today!  The only drawback to this puppy is that it is heavy which is exactly what you need for cottons, and the button for the heat setting is very sensitive so sometimes i was switching the heat settings while ironing – but other than that it works like a charm and i would highly recomend it for the quilters!  I like to watch TV or a movie while I’m ironing so I was finally able to watch the Vampire’s Assistant while tackling the stash!  It was actually a pretty ok movie …

well back to work for now – I have an ambitious night planed – sis and i are tackling my newphew’s 1st year of life scrapbooking – so we need to find albums but then again we will also go frabric shopping!  HUGE sale at fabricland from march 1-21 in their DOLLAR DAYS sale – hopefully i will have pictures of the loot tomorrow!  We’ll see how much scrapbooking we get done!

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