you know what they say about reds??

Happy Easter y’all! 

My easter weekend was PACKED – went out of town to visit friends that had a bday party for the lilest one 🙂  She loved the pilowcases i made with the tesselating pinwheel technique.  I got the loveliest compliment from my friend – she said it looked storebought and her grandmother visiting from japan was happily busy examining the seams and trying to figure out how it was put together.  ^_^ 

I tried to do this lollypop candy thing from wilton – here are the results … 

lollypop attempt


The other thing J and i were trying to do is the cake – well let me tell ya – i messed up the instructions for the icing!!!  GAH!!!  a whole box of icing and i made it runny – i could have cried!!  that’s ok cuz J is like the bestest friend EVER and we came up with the idea of  adding additional decorations and colored sugars.  This is the end result – which actually everyone else loved!! 



So now onto the title of the blog thread – this weekend i continued with the washing of all my cotton fabric – i am deadset to finish it all 🙂  Its all part of my spring cleaning list!!! 

So here is what i did – reds and pinks and burgundys – this guy ended up in that pile and when i pulled it out of the pile this is what happened!!! 

what happens to reds


 It was all cream colored and now its pink and burgundy!!  OMG!!!  i could have cried!!!  But lesson learned – reds and reds only!! 

On a final note – dad brought this for mom for easter – it is the most AMAZING ‘egg’ since it looks just like our own dogs!!! 

the best easter egg EVER


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