Fish, Cross Stitch and new addictions!

OMG how many days went by with no postings??!!  so much for my goal to post almost daily 😦

on a good note i cannot bypass the opportunity to brag about lunch with my office pod-mates – we decided to head out on a rainy day and have fish and chips- something i rarely have – ever!  So we all head out to the local fish and chips joint – a true brittish place and here is my gorgeous plate!

No ma, i didn’t eat all the fries!  The fish however was a gonner! Okay .. moving on to other updates – things for a change are BANANAS on my end!  Very busy organizing my fundraisers for the walk for the cure that i am doing in september.  My first fundaising event – a quilter’s basket – is almost all set to go – currently printing the tickets and trying fo figure out formating o_O

on to my cross stitch – although i have not had a chance to really work on it – i did get a couple of good sessions in and here is the updated look

Although you may not be able to tell, i did the back stitching on the peaks and all those little crosses at the top – the frustrating part is that it does not look like i did much yet it took me FOREVER to do that little bit.  Still we are in T-5 months so i better get a move on if  i am to get this done before the second lil one arrives

Ok now onto a new craft addiction.  I was at Michael’s the other day and got thinking about my friend’s lil one’s first party.  She will be turning 3 this year so its a big deal.  So i was in the wilton aisle and thought that maybe i could do a cake instead of buying one and save me some mula.  Well now that was a thought because next thing i know i’m in uncharted wilton cake decorating heaven!  Turns out that the wilton decorating classes are half price this month at michaels so i signed up for the first course!  Then i noticed all the clearance items that were on display and loaded up on the following – look at my loot!

Like i needed a new craft to collect!!  But i’m totally stoked!  there are so many birthdays coming up so this should be a blast!!  i love the little cookie cutters!!

Alrighty now back to work.  I have much to still plan for the fundraising for the 60KM walk, then there is interguild to coordinate, sewfest,  easter weekend and club fundraisers for kendo – GAH i need to clone myself!!

seriously – i do 🙂


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  1. Loretta Said:

    Love your cake loot! Makes me want to go bake up something tonight, I haven’t done any baking in awhile.

    In the meantime I am drooling over that pile of french fries, I ❤ fries!

    You know, stamped cross stitch projects, especially baby bibs and baby quilts are super deceiving. They look like they are going to be sooooo fast and then it takes forever to get it all stitched up.

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