Training Day 1 – Success!!! Walking for the Cure goal – 60KM!

and we are on our way!!!  Yesterday was the first day of my 24 week training plan to prepare for the 60KM walk for the Cure taking place on Sept 11-12 2010.  The special part of this walk is that i will be walking on my birthday Sept 12 and i can’ t think of a better way to spend the day!

i did the entire 3KM and a wee bit more – YEAY – i’m sore today but i guess its only until i get used to it.  However I can’t complain – as tough as training may be its NOTHING compared to what my friends, mom, relatives are going through/have gone through in treatment and they keep on fighting and smiling.  These people inspire the HECK out of me so no matter how tough i think it may be i know that i’m healthy and blessed to have my mom and my health.

If you have not heard about the event – check – if you would like to help me reach my fundraising goal click on the sidebar link and donate to my walking for the Cure!!!


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