Catching up!

OMG has it really been 5 days since i posted??!!! o_O EGAD!!!

But i have a good excuse – things have been absolute mayhem in the last couple of days since sis and nephew flew back to AB yesterday in the am we were rushing to finish things up and get everything ready.   However I did manager to acomplish a couple of things:

  • FINALLY started scrapbooking again – like one teacher said in a quilting class – you just have to go for it and get started!  Looking at years’ worth of collecting scrapbooking items i was overwhelmed by the choices until I just dove in!  Did one page with the little nephew and forgot to take a pic – I will update this posting later with one.
  • Did some fabric shopping with sis – got some great meters of cottons that i still have to wash! but hey i have more to wash in the stash so all good!
  • Started spring cleaning my bedroom – major decluttering!!!  took everything that either didn’t fit right or had not been worn in a while and put it in a big ol’ box.  Down to the basement it goes!  Summer clothes went in under-bed storage bins so i’m set to go once the heat arives.
  • Finished unpacking from my trip!!!  Thank goodness because with the little tike everything was a mess.

So now i’m focusing on getting the house back to ‘normal’ and starting some of the spring cleaning we need to do.  I’m also rearing to finish my tesselating wheel placemats so i have something for show and tell this guild meeting!  I am also starting the “aim to stitch every day”  baby quilt – i NEED to finish this asap!

I’m also aiming to stop the arm long posts so i’m breaking this one here and starting the next on which is VERY important and dear to me – the walk for the cure!

Be right back!


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