Scrapbooking Adventures

Well it turns out that although I had a rather ambitious night planned yesterday i did not get as much done as i wanted – For one, i was supposed to leave work at 3pm so my sister and i could head out earlier – well turns out that things got hectic and i did not leave until 4 and we did not head out for shopping until 5.

We got a chance to stop by Brampton Sew ‘n Serge in which i cannot seem to leave without getting some fabric.  I was in there for thread!  I walked out with that plus 3 meters of this loveley neutral – no pics though 😦  Then it was off to Michael’s with our 40% off coupons to search for the album covers for my nephew’s scrapbook.  Well of course i walked out with more than what i wanted – but it was for a good reason!  I found a lovely month write/erase board and a half whiteboard half cork memmo board framed in dark wood for a really good price.  this fits into my room decor perfectly and i cannot live without either one of those!

We did find the album covers we wanted as well as the Cuttlebug templates that were being clearanced off – 2.99 when originally they were 9.99.  I suspect that this is to make room for the new line that has been released in the US last year – good thing i already got those on ebay!  Still a really good steal. 

When walking ot the car i found my trunk open – my nephew playing with my car keys figured out how to open the trunk – he’s sooo smart!  Then it was home to finish the ironing.  I got it all done – YEAY NEW IRON!!!

Sis and i got all my scrapbooking stuff to the living room so that sis and i can sift through it all – however no scrapbooking started as of yet – today is the big day!  That is if i can get home on time from work this time around …

i’ll post more pics tomorrow of what we get done today!  (i hope that is 🙂


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