New Loves and the Family that quilts together …..

Before I forget I must post on my new crush!  Last week I went to pick up a coffee on payday (one of my indulging treats) at Second Cup close to home – i was looking for a new tumbler when i saw this!

Bodum Travel Press

Yes its a Bodum Travel Press – meaning that now I have my freshly brewed coffee in a tumbler that keeps it warm up to two hours – yipee!!!  Worth the money i spent since i am no longer spending 2 bucks a cup in the caffeteria flavored coffee!!!  Totally worth it since it practically already paid for itself!

On other news – this past Saturday we had the guild workshop on Tesselating Pinwheels.  Since my sister was in town, we left the baby with my father and brother and mom, sis and I went to take this workshop.  Boy was it fun!!!  Rosemary is a wonderful teacher and showed us Chenille.  Did you ever make Chenille?  Super fun but it pains me to use all that fabric to make one square of Chenille … I’m not there yet but I certainly see the applications!

K back to the Pinwheels – I decided that i was going to use a charm pack that i won at an ebay auction and make a set of placemats for my friend June’s two little girls.  One of them is having a bday real soon so this would be perfect!

Here is my original layout (step 1) and then step 2 completed with the borders.

The tesselation portion was challenging i will admit – I could have sworn i burned neurons trying to figure out the layout of this thing.  Of course since i was stubborn to only use 3 types of fabric plus the border instead of 12 – it was hairy to match the pinwheels!  however we got the job done so this is what it looked like after the tesselation and cutting!

I finshed piecing all of this but decided i wanted a different border.  Once I finished that i will post more pics!

Now for the second new found love of my life!  During the workshop Rosemary mentioned that there was an iron that was on sale at CdnTire.  Since i decided that 2 hrs to press 3 m of fabric was too much for the ol’ one – i took mom to take a peek yesterday. 

And we came home with this – original price $100 down to $40!

the mighty shark!

and OMG was it worth the money!!  With ONE tank of water i did 15 metres of fabric!!!  I finally was able to get into the stash of  ‘freshly’ laundered fabric that i had sitting there for over a month!  I did more than half of the stash yesterday and will finish the rest today!  The only drawback to this puppy is that it is heavy which is exactly what you need for cottons, and the button for the heat setting is very sensitive so sometimes i was switching the heat settings while ironing – but other than that it works like a charm and i would highly recomend it for the quilters!  I like to watch TV or a movie while I’m ironing so I was finally able to watch the Vampire’s Assistant while tackling the stash!  It was actually a pretty ok movie …

well back to work for now – I have an ambitious night planed – sis and i are tackling my newphew’s 1st year of life scrapbooking – so we need to find albums but then again we will also go frabric shopping!  HUGE sale at fabricland from march 1-21 in their DOLLAR DAYS sale – hopefully i will have pictures of the loot tomorrow!  We’ll see how much scrapbooking we get done!


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