Missing flavors found! ^_^

As I sit here, at work, with a box of kleenex, a coffee and my advil cold an sinus, I decided to begin one of my Argentina trip posts.

Do you know what it is like to search for that missing flavor?  That piece of cheese, pasta, gravy or salad dressing you ate somewhere but you cannot remember where?  Well for 20 years I’ve been looking for this one type of pizza flavor – every new pizzeria tried was an attempt at finding my long lost fave combination – Cheese, Red Pepper and Ham pizza with green Olives.  Trust me, I’ve tried making it at home, and every pizzeria and restaurant I’ve been to has been tested, but alas, no flavor found.

So what do I do on my first night in Buenos Aires?  Order a thin crust, stone oven baked pizza with Red Peppers, Ham, Cheese and Olives of course.  My godmother ordered it from Murillo’s Restaurant on avenida Rivadavia.  Here is what they delivered:

And it was HEAVEN!!!  A complete food-gasm in your taste buds!  My beloved missing flavor found!  I admit that I ate most of this by myself with much gusto!  Cheese in Argentina is very different to that here and the spice combination was to die for!!  Before I flew back, I went to the local spice market and bought a huge bag of  ‘adobo para pizza’ – which is the spice combination most of the pizzerias use.   (Between you and me, it got through customs with no problems honey!)

Another place I ordered this was in Los Immortales – Buenos Aires’ most prestigious pizzeria and restaurant.  The inside of this place is gorgeous with vintage murals and an amazing ceiling.

Immortales interior with Gardel in the background

Los Immortales Ceiling

Here is the pizza eaten there – again – HEAVENLY!!

Heavenly Pizza!

Sigh!  I missed the food for 20 years and will continue to miss it!  Hopefully, if all goes well, I’ll be back next year.  Keeping fingers crossed.

As for crafting, well, between this cough/cold, work and my lovely little munchkin nephew – I admit I have done very little.  However, this weekend my sister mom and I will be taking Rosemary’s Tesselating Pinwheels class so I’m looking forward to that one very much!

Well time for another mug of coffee and worky worky!!  Chat soon!


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