back from Argentina, tanned and with a cold!

Hello all

My week prior to my trip was beyond insanity for work.  So much that I did not START packing until 5 hrs before my flight and got to the airport right after i finished drying my yoga pants.  THAT’S how pressed for time i was. 

I will have much to write about Buenos Aires but the main thing is that I fell in love again with the city I left.  For all the things that may be infrastructurally wrong with the nation,  Buenos Aires is still a beautiful dazzling city!

I did some AMAZING thread shopping – will post pics soon.  My godmother lives close  to the wholesale district of the city so i was able to get some amazing deals!

Well back to work for now and then off to the pharmacy to get a cough syrup to shake this cough.  Will share all the details of the giant wedding i went to – argentinians know how to party!


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