A cold, pics and kleenex o_O

Well – it turns out that my ambitions to finish the quilt for my godmother prior to my departure date for the wedding are being quickly trumped by the head cold and over work exhaustion that refuse to relent.   Yesterday i got home late from work and gave up – just sat on the couch watched a movie and got a little more of the cross stitching done:

got three peaks done yesterday

 So as much as I was not able to muster up the courage to go to the basement and do some stitching i have taken pics!  First here are the fabrics and magazine i took the pattern from for my godmother’s quilt:

I am going to try to piece some of this today – but i may not have it ready – i want to try to do a nice quilting pattern on it and will see if i can get it done – on the other hand it will be the first time i would have something for the Show and Tell crew at the next guild meeting.  I have sooooo few chances to have somethign at show and tell.

On exiting news – MY SULKY THREADS are here!!!  Aren’t they scrumptious!!  I selected them for the fabrics above although i must say i think i need a different green …..

And i also got  my Jan Krentz goodies from my buddy.  I am DYING to try these out!!!  I have the books to read and the one copy from the guild i’m probably going to take on my trip.  Hopefuly I can try out the rulers in March 😀 

i heard that she will be somewhere in Ontario teaching a class – unfortunately the date of the class coincides with my trip in south america – i’ll probably be enjoying our famous bbq and wines at that time – Alas not meant to be …

Sorry about the pic quality – unfortunately i had to use my blackberry because my camera is buried in the pile of “TO PACK FOR TRIP” stuff.   Its MIA – dont you wish they had one of those remote finder thingies attached?  Press a button and it beeps until you can track it?  Now if they can have that with my scissors or the notion my mom ‘borrowed’ from my quilt pile … SOLD!

Well time to get back to work – i have another murderous meeting day today and a ton of work to get done before my trip – every cell in my body is yearning for my bed and to sleep for a week!  On the other hand we are currently T-7 days from the trip so YEAY!!!


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  1. makoa Said:

    Hi,it’s me makoa. I’m very impressed about your blog,so please keep going on!! And thanks sooooooo much being us together yesterda,too.It’s lots of fun. Aws,I hope you’ll have great trip next week!!!!!!!!!

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