download BOM day!!!

Yeay the first of the month – its download the current BOM day!  I addictedly belong to a couple of sites that have monthly free Block of the Month projects that are absolutely DAHLINK!

I started the Baltimore Bliss one and i’m still on the first block (hangs head in shame) that’s ok i’ll catch up eventually.  I will take this block to argentina with me to see if i can get anymore stitching done o_O

But on the exiting news – two  new BOM started by FatCat Patterns – a xmas row quilt and an african mask quilt that i just simply adore!  currently downloading these and have set a reminder on my blackberry so that i dont miss the blocks!

I am a tad disapointed that the BunnyHill Designs block has not yet updated – its sooo pretty!  Snow men that are just gorgeous – i will have to keep checking for those!

On other news – got to work at 730 am – my plan: to leave early so i can start piecing the Flowers in the Park quilt – yesterday i was able to finish all my cutting – yee goodness that took a while – i have discovered that cutting these big triangles is rather painful – will have to research a better way to get mor accurate cuts – if you know of any easy way to cut them – send them my way!  By the time dinner came along i was able to curl up on the couch with a log in the fireplace, my pooches and the cross stitch baby blanket that i’m adamant to finish for my sisters second baby since i did not finish it for the first! x_X

ok – back to work – things are INSANELY busy but the thought of going home early to stitching keeps me going!  Definitely will try to get pics uploaded of current projects!


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  1. sheree Said:

    The Bunny Hill Free pattern does not come out until the 5th of each month. The good news is that she does not put a time restriction on them and you can get January’s through December in December. Nice Lady.

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