Upgrade testing?

Well here I am at WORK on a SUNDAY waiting for the upgrade on our main software to be finished so that I can finish my testing and go home.  Needless to say rather than wait aimlessly while the vendor is completing the code changes,  I decided to be productive and create a BLOG.  Something I’ve been meaning to do for ages!

Yesterday I started the cutting for my new quilt project – a pattern pulled from Quilt magazine called FLOWERS IN THE PARK (Feb/Mar 2010) that was deemed ‘easy’.  Finally got all the fabrics after an absolute fabric binge at Walmart (the one place in square  one that carries fabric still) and Brampton Sew and Serge.  After spending an obscene amount of money on fabric I don’t need but HAD TO HAVE,  I finally had all the color combinations that i wanted to make this pattern for my godmother’s wedding.

There is only one teensy problem – her wedding is in 2 weeks in SOUTH AMERICA!  i think i will probably have all the piecing done but not the quilting i would like though – the most i think i will be able to do will be quilting in the ditch.  I dont think she will mind much as she has every quilt i ever made.  Once i fly down there i will be able to take pics and post here. 

So now i’m still sitting here waiting for the upgrade to be finished so that i can go home and finish my cutting – yippee!!  If  I’m very lucky I’ll be able to start piecing today.

Joanne also let me know that my sulky thread order is here – YEAY!!  i can’t wait to pick that up – tee hee!  I have taken the Jan Krentz book from our guild library and i’m dying to try the diamond star piecing patterns they have.  They are rather straight forward so that even I can understand them 🙂  Its on sale right now on chapters online so i’ll probably order that one too – tee hee!

okay – looks like the vendor is done with the code updates – back to work i go …


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